Tear Talk

A 90-Day Guide to Healing through Journaling

By MaShani Allen

MaShani Allen is model, teacher, and speaker who is passionate about inspiring and motivating people. As a modern-day scribe, her love for writing and journaling has enabled her to help people of all ages enhance their God-given gifts. MaShani graduated from the University of Florida and Word Bible College. She resides in Los Angeles, CA

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Many people struggle with writing their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and hurts. Pens carry breakthrough and release. When you discover the purpose of the pen your healing can begin. In this book you will learn:

  • The importance of your heart and the locking and unlocking process
  • How to recognize and activate the power of questions
  • Discover the truth and purpose of tears
  • And so much more

Tears are the ink of an unspoken story – MaShani Allen

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